Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have grown to love the silence of the night. Dog asleep at my feet, the only loyal being who gives a crap that I'm still awake. Out of pure boredom I decided to google poetry and glance through some random thoughts in a last ditch effort to put myself to sleep. Yikes, now I will never sleep. I found poems of suicide, lost love, and even a heart wrenching one about a girl, whos mother made her eat fruit cocktail. I was thinking something charming like birds chirping or some other ridiculous rambling to take me to a better place. Instead I am left disturbed and in need of a double dose of prosac or someone to haul me off to my padded cell.

Truth be told, I did pretty much nothing all weekend. Watched some Olympics and way too much Iron Chef. I was not at all inspired to get up and and go curling. I was however, inspired to cook something out of the box, as in literally out of a box. Bobby Flay eat your heart out.

OK, so I'm bored and no on is reading this anyway so I might as well ramble on about what really annoys me. People who have nothing better to post on their facebook than how horrible their day was. Come on people, the fact that starbucks ran out of non-fat milk for your Grande, Non-Fat, No Water, 180 Degrees, Tazo Chai Tea Latte is really of no concern to me. The fact that you're stuck in traffic and you can smell the BO radiating off the 400 lb man in the car next to you as he rocks out to lady gaga in his pinto really is something you could have kept to yourself.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and you find something truly inspiring to write about. If it puts me to sleep, all the better!

Today I introduce Mr. Googberface. That is my 5 year old Springer Spaniel "Jake" Jake is a showdog with lots of great awards and a great pedigree, however he is really just a goober. His favorite things to do are agility, run on the beach, hump my leg out of frustration, sleep and no particular order.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trying to tame the beast that is my mind.

I guess one could say I have and over active imagination. I can't remember a time ever when there wasn't a thought going through my mind. The only thing that seems to be successfull in stopping my train of thought is another thought. This means that in order for me to stay on task I have to either, have complete silence, or just be enthralled in what I am doing. Some people take medication for this but what fun is that? I like being quirky and silly. The world to me is like one of those mosaic big beautiful picture full of a bunch of little pictures.

The downside of this vivid imagination is my mind doesn't stop even when I'm sleeping and sometimes the last thing I saw continues on in my dreams. So, if I watch a violent TV show or listen to a person talk about something bad I relive that and often this makes for a rather daunting night. I envy those that sleep through the night. I envy those that can be interrupted mid blog and go right back to what they were typing...

Every since I was a little girl I have had this repetitive dream. I dream of flying and dancing in the air. As I have gotten older I have changed the setting but the feeling is the same. I did a little research and there are so many things that they say this means and what it means to fly upwards, yada yada yada. I read one that said "conventionally flying in a dream relates to sex and sexuality" Whohoo, I am sticking with this one because it sounds the best!

Where was I going with all of that? I don't know. When I pick up my camera something changes and I see things that I didn't see before. I can concentrate on something for longer than a nanosecond. Words mean very little to me but pictures take me to another, I just need to figure out how to put my pictures into words the way people do with music. When I hear a song and listen (or read) the lyrics I see a picture or series of pictures.

I read that writing about your dreams and your visions helps to tame your mind. I don't want a blog full of negative thoughts about other people and so my blog may not be as interesting but maybe I can tame the beast that is my mind.

PS, Picture is my cat, Sebastian. I am really a dog person but he acts like a dog so I love him :) He is a bluepoint ragdoll.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

trying to figure out Blogging

I am new to blogging so really don't even know where to start? I can't seem to find a search bar to find friends and common interest to follow? I am sure it is something really simple that I am missing but it's rather boring just looking at myself, lol. Help!

A little bit about me, I am a 35 year old mother of 1. The love of my life has always been dogs. I show dogs professionally and also enjoy agility, obedience and just about anything fun. My passion is photography and about a year ago I decided to put my history as a handler/breeder of multiple BIS winners to good use and start offering my services as a photographer.

This is a blog for fun a sharing my visions, I just have to learn how to do this, lol.